I’m terribly excited. And so very grateful. Someone who knows more than me, and appears to be able to read Japanese, has given me an answer and a photo of their source. (I’ve asked for the source, because yes, please, more sources).

The excess corners are folded in twice and sewn in place with a running stitch. The 14 cm collar is folded in half for wear – no stiffening or extra layer of fabric is used, just a single layer of fabric folded in half for wear and unfolded for storage. — R.T.

And there was much rejoicing.

I got that answer, a lovely walk with a friend, and wrote a tanka inspired by another friend’s cup of morning enthusiasm before the day devolved into phone calls and texts because my father was hospitalized.

I’ll get to the collar tomorrow.

Steam curls from the cup / Bitter aroma drifts sky- / ward on a light wind. / A leaf in the dark liquid / Hazard of a breezy day.

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