Avoiding the Kosode

I’m not really, but it feels that way. Okay. Maybe I am. A little.

I had intended to complete the kosode first. The kosode is the next to skin layer of the outfit. I wanted to work my way from inside to out. And then my linen thread was slightly delayed. Next I didn’t have enough linen in a solid piece. Luckily I seem to have exactly the right amount of silk. Even if it is slightly off white. And now…um, I just don’t want to cut into the silk, I guess?

It’s the one garment that I don’t have a period pattern for. I had to extrapolate the pattern from other garments. Can you tell my anxiety is playing up? I’m also worried that I may have measured something wrong or done a bit of faulty math.

Here’s the plan. Clear the floor of the dining and living rooms. Mop. Re-iron the silk. Throw the silk in the floor. Just kidding, kind of. I am putting the silk on the floor though. I’ll mark out the entire garment to be safe and then cut it out. That anxiety comes with paranoia. No, I don’t really trust the little paper layout I made.

I have one last decision to make before I mark out the kosode. What panel width? The men’s undergarments are cut from 50cm wide bolts. But a Laurel I know has explained that those garments were likely funerary and oversized. The women’s garments use 45cm – 17.7 inches. But women’s garments weren’t tailored to the body at all and those are outer garments. I’m very tempted to use the wingspan method. 14 inches would do nicely for me., though I may go with 15.

Got the floor prepped and then had a work meeting.

And now I don’t have work? My contract is not being extended with my employer. Last day is November 5th. I’m lucky to have had a job, especially in my industry, for this long. Not a great time to be a theatre kid. Stupid pandemic.

So I took the rest of the day off.

Tomorrow is another day.

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