Kosode So Close

Astonishing speed / When the roadblocks are removed / And supports in place / Time spent in preparation / Saves stress and headache later

Finally got a functioning work-around for my technology woes. The first thing I tried was software, and that didn’t play well with my PC. My partner tried another program that also failed. So I’m uploading things to YouTube and Facebook privately then downloading it for editing and later public posting. Hoops. Jumping. Boo.

This does mean that I was able to continue without any interruption on the recording things front. Getting really close to having something ready. I just want to finish the kosode before I spend a few hours editing. The first one’s easy. I hope.

The eri, collar, is just over half way attached. I’ll finish that stitching, do the “triangle” seam treatment and then fold and stitch the excess fabric from the migoro and okumi, body and overlap. Either late tonight or first thing tomorrow the kosode will be complete!

It will need pressing, then I’ll have to do some test photos of it on the body. It may be a touch too sheer for general public consumption. Which is fine. It’s underwear. And I’m sure I can manage something for “modesty” if necessary. Lighting it properly may be enough.

I’m so excited to be so close to done with the first garment!

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