Sode and Determination

The tech issues persisted into today. And it has me a little worn out. But it seems that I’ve found a work around in third party software. Or not. What seemed to be a fix has let me down. I’ll keep working on it.

Last night I did indeed finish hemming the openings.

While working on other things today I was doing a lot of thought about the eri, collar.

A quick aside. I use the Japanese terms because that’s the word that pops into my head first when thinking of the item. I don’t know much Japanese, but there are certain things, like the names of parts of garments and a handful of colors that Japanese is the first language I think in. I’ve been studying Heian clothing for almost two decades. Is it any wonder some of the information is so rooted in my brain that I see fall colors and immediately think of the names of kasane, color combinations?


I’ve been wondering about the collar and the excess material at the top of the migoro, body, and okumi, overlap panel. In modern kimono the excess is folded up and encased in the collar. I have no reason to stray from the modern practice. I’ve cut it off in the past. Many recreationists add interfacing to their collars to make them crisp. I never have. I didn’t see anything in the translations so far to indicate use of a stiffener. So I’m not changing on that one. My biggest decision is how deep to cut the slit at the shoulder fold/neck opening. I’ll consult the patterns again and make a choice.

But later. Today is for finishing sleeves. Which means I have to come to a decision about seam finishes. So. Unless I cut into the seam allowance, folding over and felling down (or at least putting a running stitch through the fold), away from the seam on each side is the only way with the sleeves.

I’ll need to finish the seams on the body before I attach the collar and finish the hem. It’s getting so close to done but there’s still so much to do.

Why would you put off / Until later what you have / Had all day to do? / Does the pressure compel you / As the deadline approaches?

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