Documentation. Yes, Again!

A delightful spark / Flashing moment when it strikes / Stray thought, galvanized. / Like quicksilver ideas race / Brightly illuminated

I spent a decent amount of time today rewriting and updating my documentation. After completing the kosode it seemed a very good time to revisit this part of the project. If my project was a math equation the outfit would be the answer and the documentation is how I show my work getting there. Remember how you could get partial credit even with the wrong answer? Maybe I’ve taken that analogy too far…

I tried to fold in what I’ve learned from the A&S classes I’ve taken recently. I haven’t gone through and dusted it with citations yet, so there’s that still to do. I also plan to send it off to a few Laurels (A&S experts in a particular field, recognized by the Crown, an SCA society-wide award) for review by the middle of next month.

Tomorrow work on the hitoe begins.

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